Friday, April 4, 2014

Enjoy Being Single

A: Hey,I haven't seen you in forever! How are you doing? You still seeing that guy, Danny?

B: No, we broke up a while back.We just weren't compatible, you know?

A: Yeah,I know what you mean.Sometimes it just doesn't work out. Are your parents upset at all?

B: My parents? They just met him once and they liked him alright.But I don't think they felt strongly either way. They just want me to find someone who makes me happy.They don't want to pressure me into something I'm not ready for, you know? So when I told them we had broken up, they just asked if I was doing OK, and if they could do anything to help. I said I'd be fine, they haven't mentioned him since.

A: Oh, that nice of them.Actually, I'm not with David anymore either.My parents didn't react quite like yours did though they were pretty upset because the liked David a lot they always said he was a nice,dependalbe young man.Plus, I'd been seening him for a long time since college and just before we broken up they had started to hint that it was time for me to "settle down". " You're almost 27," they said, "isn't it about time you started planning for the future?" Well, I 'm not so sure that I agree. At this point in my life, I'm still young, and I need freedom, not restrictions.

B: Yeah,exactly! People are getting married later and later these days and enjoying their youth more.You shouldn't have to worry about marriage when you've barely gotten out of college and into the job market. Now, if I wanna go out on the weekend, toss a few back and have a good time, I can, and I don't have to feel bad about it.

A: Sounds like a lot of fun! We should plan a Girls Night Out sometimes, go out to the bars and dance all night! Or maybe stay in, eat pizza and ice cream and watch a few movies.

B: That's really sounds like a lot of fun.I'm so glad I have time now to do things like that. Now that I don't have to plan around  what my boyfriend wants to do, I can spend more time with my frieds. Sometimes I feel like because of him, I lost touch with some people I really care about.

A: Me too! Well now we can make up for lost time!

B: Great! How about this weekend, say, Friday?

A: sounds good! Call me with the details!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cultivating Happiness

We always seem to want those things we don't have. Moreover, we are often convinced that if we had those things we want so badly, we would finally be happy. The truth is that  happiness is an attitude. It's not something created by outside circumstances, but instead is completely within your control. Nothing will give you a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness, unless you cultivate happiness consciously. Below are some simple yet specific steps you can take to cultivate happiness.

Create a sense of gratitude for what you have, for what is working, for what is wonderful and sweet in you life. A morning or evening gratitude list, can do wonders for helping you feel grateful.

Identify the small things in life that make you feel good, and do one daily. A short walk, a few minutes of writting in your journal, s short meditation, watching the sunset... whatever,  will improve you outlook on life.

Reading inspirational materiality can help to be reminded of positive thoughts and positive attitudes. Get a small book of positive, inspirational thoughts and keep it by your desk. Read one or two thoughts each day.

Is the glass half or full? Life works better when the glass is half full regardless of your life status.

Friday, March 14, 2014



The sleep that flits on baby's eyes--- does anybody know from where it comes? Yes, there is a rumour that it has its dwelling where, in the fairy village among shadows of the forest dimly lit with glow worms, there hang two shy buds of enchantment. From there it comes to kiss baby's eyes.

The smile that flickers on baby’s lips when he sleeps --- does anybody know where it was born? Yes, there is a rumour that a young pale beam of a crescent moon touched the edga of a vanishing autumn cloud, and there the smile was first born in the dream of a dew-washed morning--- the smile that flickers on the baby’s lips when he sleeps.

The sweet, soft freshness that blooms on baby’s limbs --- does anybody know where it was hidden so long? Yes when the mother was a young girl it lay pervading her heart in tender and slient mystery of love --- the sweet, soft freshness that has bloomed on baby’s limbs.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

10 free websites to watch FIFE World Cup 2010 online

Watch FIFE world cup 2010 matches live online for free! Yes, it's real, wherever you are, you can always watch FIFE world cup 2010 online, and free! We have get a list ready below for you, and it will get updated frequently with working live streaming links, so make sure you bookmark this page and keep checking back often.

1. recommended link for live online streaming of football matches.

2. quality live streaming of FIFA world cup, but US only. Use Free VPN services to access it.

3. recommended link which lists multiple sources for watching world cup 2010 live. You would need to download few harmless software though

4. site which contains multiple live streaming links, but hard to expect high quality streaming over here.

5. similar to Justin tv. Mirror link here.

6. popular link for live football streams.

7. forum gives the best guidance for finding the exact channels where to watch the match.


Other untested options:




You can choose one of above website to watch the 2010 FIFE world cup matches depending on your geographical location and internet speed, and yes, bookmark this page and share with your friends.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to learn a second language

Language learning is different from other kinds of learning.Language learning needed:"Read as much as you can in the new language.""Practice speaking the language every day.""Live with the people who speak the language.""Don't tranlate-try to think in the new language.""Learn as a child would learn;play with the language."

Language learning research shows that successful language learners are similar in many ways.

Language learners are independent learners.The do not depend on the book or the teacher,they discover their own way to learn the language.Instead of waiting for the teacher to explain,they try  to find the patterns and the rules for themselves. They are good guessers who look for clues and form their own conclusions. When they guess wrong, they guess again.They try to learn from their mistakes.

Sccessful language learning is active learning.Therefore, succeful learners do not wait for a chance to use the language;  the look for such a chance.They find people who speak the language and they ask these people to correct them when they make a mistake.They will try anything to communicate.They are not afraid to repeat what they hear or to say strange things;they are willing to make mistakes and try again.When communication is diffcult,they can acept information that is inexact or  incomplete.It is more iportant for them to learn to think in the language than to know the meaning of every  word.

 Finally,successful language learners are learners with a purpose.They want to learn the language because they are iterested in the language and the people who speak it. It is necesary for them to learn the language in order to communicate with  these people and to learn from them They find it easy to practice usig the language regularly bcause they want to learn with it.

What kind of language learner are you?If you are a successful language learner,you have probably been learning independently,actively,and purposefully. On the other hand,if your language learning has been less than successful, you might do well to try some of the techniques outlined above.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Is Taiwan part of China

History records show that Sun quan, emperor of Wu, three countries dynasty, sent troops to Taiwan, which is called Liuqiu then.

Taiwan is part of China in Ming dynasty; however Holland invaded and occupied Tainwan when Ming dynasty came to its end in the 17th century. Half a century later, Zheng chenggong, who is considered a Chinese national hero regained Taiwan from the hand of Holland after a few fierce battles and defeated Holland. Then Qing dynasty set up Taiwan province and it was the 20th province of Qing.

Japan attacked Taiwan in 1894 and in the following year occupied it, since then Taiwan became Japan’s colony until 1945 when Japan was defeated and Taiwan returned to China. Then four years later Guo Mingtang retreated to Taiwan, the general sectary, Jiang Jieshi became the first president of Tanwan, but he dreamed of ruling the whole China.

When former president of Taiwan, Li denghui claimed that Taiwan is an independent country, the tension intensified between the mainland and Taiwan and since Hong Kong and Macao are back to China, the Chinese people are expecting Taiwan’s return.